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CyberLink MediaEspresso 7.5






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Have you ever wondered why it seems be so difficult to move videos, photos and music from your PC to your mobile phones, tablets and media players?

MediaEspresso is designed to not only make transferring your files super-easy and unbelievably fast, but it also cleans up the pixels and lighting of your photos and videos as it transfers them, resulting in better quality viewing on your mobile devices.

CyberLink MediaEspresso acts as the ultimate moving company, when it comes to moving files between formats for different devices – fast, efficient and with enhanced video quality.

Key Product Highlights

  • Profiles for over 160 mobile and media devices. MediaEspresso stores profile information for an ever-growing list of popular mobile phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Acer and many more.
  • Smart Detect — a plug 'n' play experience. MediaEspresso's Smart Detect technology means you don't have to remember confusing file formats and resolutions.
  • Convert all popular formats including next-gen HEVC (H.265) videos
  • MediaEspresso 7.5 can now convert 4K video files! Your 4K videos can be converted to H.264 (for wider compatibility) or H.265 (for more efficient storage) versions.
  • Optimized for all leading hardware acceleration technologies – Intel Core and QSV, Nvidia CUDA, AMD Fusion and APP 
  • Batch conversion – simplicity, speed and convenience for converting multiple files simultaneously

Compare Versions

MediaEspresso 7.5
MediaEspresso 7
MediaEspresso 6.5

4K video encoding with H.264 and H.265

- -

Convert older format videos to HEVC (H.265) to save disc space and reduce bandwidth when sharing


Convert HEVC (H.265) videos to formats compatible with mobile and media devices


Support for 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors (Haswell)


Support for Intel® Quick Sync Video


Optimized for NVIDIA® CUDA & AMD® Accelerated Parallel Processing technology

Better converted image quality with TrueTheater™ HD, TrueTheater™ Lighting and TrueTheater™ Denoise

Smart Detect to automatically set optimal output formats and resolutions of converted media for mobile/media devices

Direct media upload to YouTube and Facebook

Desktop Gadget for convenient drag 'n' drop converting

Simultaneous conversion of multiple media files

Format Support

Media Type




MKV (H.264/H.265), FLV (H.264), AVI, MPEG, MPEG-2, MOV (H.264), WMV, MP4 (H.264/H.265), DVR-MS, TS (H.264), MPG, ASF, M2T (H.264/H.265), M2TS (H.264/H.265), MTS (H.264/H.265), DV-AVI, VOB, VRO, MOD, DAT, TOD, WTV (single channel)

MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 (AVC-H.264), MPEG-4 (HEVC-H.265), WMV, DivX





WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, M4A (AAC / ALAC), Videos with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio soundtracks


Hardware Support




CPU: MediaEspresso supports hardware acceleration technology in all generations of Intel® Core™ Processors up to and including new 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

GPU: Intel® Iris™/Iris™ Pro Graphics: 5000 Series, Intel® HD Graphics: 500 Series, 4000 Series, 3000 Series, 2000 Series


GPU: AMD APU Family with AMD Radeon™ HD Graphics: A-Series, E2-Series, C-Series, E-Series, G-Series, AMD Radeon™ Graphics: R9 Series, R7 Series, R5 Series, HD 7000 Series, HD 6000 Series, AMD Mobility Radeon™ HD: 8000M Series, 7000M Series, 6000M Series, ATI Radeon™ HD Graphics: 5900 Series, 5800 Series, 5700 Series, 5600 Series, 5500 Series, 5400 Series ATI FirePro™ Graphics, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD: 5800 Series, 5700 Series, 5600 Series, 5400 Series, 5100 Series, ATI Mobility FirePro™: M7820, M5800


GPU: GeForce 8500GT and above, GeForce 9800GT and above, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 200 series, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 400 series, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 500 series, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 600 series, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 700 series, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX Titan series, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 800 series, GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 900 series

PLEASE NOTE: For users of NVIDIA cards using pre-Kepler architecture who have updated to graphics driver 340.43 or later, the CUDA video hardware video encoder feature in MediaEspresso is no longer available. To re-enable hardware acceleration, please download and install an earlier driver

 Note: To ensure the best performance, please update your graphics card with the latest drivers. Some UI animation effects may be  turned off or degraded for lower-end graphics systems

CyberLink MediaEspresso 7.5

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System

 Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, with DirectX 9 or above

Screen Resolution

 800 x 600, 16-bit color or above


 1 GB required (2 GB or above recommended)

Hard Disk Space

 1 GB required

Processor (CPU)

 Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz CPU with HyperThreading, or equivalent AMD processor and above

Graphics Card (GPU)

 Intel® 945 GM or later

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